Our services
Comprehensive In-Home Care Services
Greater Baltimore Homecare Services manager visits with your family to assess the senior's care level, personality and habits in order to determine.
Developing a Plan of Care
One of our Nurses conducts an evaluation of the senior's home care needs, develops a plan of care with the senior and his or her family.
Monitor & Managing
Once you have started services with us, we manage and monitor the caregiver by: paying the caregiver, tracking their schedule, nurse supervision.
Dignified Support with Daily Living Activities

Personal Care Assistance

Our personal care services provide assistance with the most intimate needs of our clients with respect, dignity, and sensitivity. We assist with:
● Bathing and hygiene
● Dressing and grooming
● Mobility and transfer assistance
● Incontinence care


Medication Management

Our medication management services focus on the safe and accurate administration of medications, ensuring the well-being of our clients. We meticulously manage and oversee medication schedules to provide peace of mind for both clients and their families. Our trained caregivers assist with:
● Timely medication administration
● Correct dosage measurement
● Coordination of prescriptions
● Monitoring for side effects and interactions


Meal Planning and Preparation

We prioritize nutrition and taste in our meal planning and preparation services, ensuring meals support the health and delight of our clients. Our caregivers are skilled in crafting meals that adhere to dietary needs while offering culinary enjoyment. They provide:
● Customized meal planning
● Preparation of balanced, nutritious dishes
● Adaptation to dietary restrictions
● Focus on client preferences and enjoyment

Maintaining a Clean and Comfortable Home Environment

Light Housekeeping

We are committed to fostering a pristine living environment for our clients through our light housekeeping services. Our team diligently works to keep homes tidy and comfortable, enhancing the overall well-being and safety of our clients. Our services include:
● Regular cleaning and dusting
● Organization of living spaces
● Laundry and linen care
● Safe and sanitary bathroom maintenance


Companion Care

At the core of our services is the belief that social interaction significantly enhances quality of life. Our Companion Care focuses on building meaningful connections through engaging conversations, shared activities, and participation in social outings. We aim to keep our clients' social lives vibrant and fulfilling. Our caregivers provide:
● Stimulating and engaging conversations
● Participation in hobbies and interests
● Accompaniment on social outings
● Support for an active and social lifestyle


Transportation Services

We offer dependable Transportation Services to ensure our clients can attend important appointments, enjoy social outings, or manage daily errands with ease. Our commitment is to provide safe and timely transportation, removing the stress and challenges associated with travel. Our services facilitate:
● Doctor's appointments and healthcare visits
● Social events and gatherings
● Essential shopping and errands
● Access to community activities and services● Regular cleaning and dusting
● Organization of living spaces
● Laundry and linen care
● Safe and sanitary bathroom maintenance


Mobility Assistance

Our Mobility Assistance services are designed to enhance the independence of our clients by ensuring they can move safely within their environment. We understand the importance of mobility in maintaining autonomy and quality of life. Our caregivers are dedicated to providing support with:
● Assistance in walking and ambulation
● Safe transfers in and out of bed or chairs
● Navigation around the home for increased safety
● Preventative measures to reduce the risk of falls

Our Care Process:

Personalized Care Plans for Each Client

We begin with an in-depth assessment to understand the needs and preferences of each client. Then, we create a personalized care plan tailored to those specific needs. Our care plans are flexible and can be adjusted as required.

Why Our Services Stand Out:

A Commitment to Exceptional Care

  • Experienced Caregivers: Our caregivers are not only qualified but compassionate and dedicated to providing the best in-home care.
  • Continuous Oversight: Caregivers are supervised and supported by our experienced management team to ensure quality service.
  • Family Involvement: We encourage family members to be involved in the care process for a comprehensive approach to wellness.
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